Knox at Hunters

After many missed opportunities I finally received a call from one of my mates Peter to let me know he had a gig playing at Hunters Sutherland.

I was also wanting to try my hand photographing a band. Peter (Torch) plays keyboards for a band named “Knox”. Not knowing much about the venue or band below are results for my first attempt, Thanks guys for having me along and hope you enjoy.C93A7411 C93A7609 C93A7605 C93A7597 C93A7580 C93A7577 C93A7572 C93A7569 C93A7566 C93A7559 C93A7552 C93A7550 C93A7544 C93A7541 C93A7536 C93A7535 C93A7527 C93A7526 C93A7523 C93A7520 C93A7515 C93A7511 C93A7508 C93A7505 C93A7504 C93A7499 C93A7497 C93A7493 C93A7455 C93A7444 C93A7443 C93A7440 C93A7439 C93A7437 C93A7431 C93A7427 C93A7426 C93A7420 C93A7416 C93A7415

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