Marton 35 B’s

It was another long year jumping 2 grades to the 35B’s. Having lost a few early on we still did not do to bad. I decided to take some shots of the boys in there 2nd last game for the year. Hope you enjoy the photo’s and thanks for the year.

C93A9361 C93A9709 C93A9708 C93A9701 C93A9685 C93A9676 C93A9669 C93A9654 C93A9650 C93A9648 C93A9643 C93A9635 C93A9634 C93A9633 C93A9631 C93A9626 C93A9621 C93A9619 C93A9611 C93A9609 C93A9606 C93A9605 C93A9595 C93A9593 C93A9587 C93A9577 C93A9574 C93A9572 C93A9571 C93A9570 C93A9569 C93A9568 C93A9560 C93A9559 C93A9552 C93A9550 C93A9546 C93A9540 C93A9534 C93A9525 C93A9508 C93A9497 C93A9490 C93A9487 C93A9477 C93A9475 C93A9473 C93A9472 C93A9470 C93A9469 C93A9468 C93A9467 C93A9462 C93A9460 C93A9445 C93A9439 C93A9436 C93A9434 C93A9426 C93A9424 C93A9422 C93A9418 C93A9414 C93A9413 C93A9412 C93A9411 C93A9409 C93A9405 C93A9396 C93A9393 C93A9387 C93A9385 C93A9380 C93A9379 C93A9375 C93A9374 C93A9370 C93A9366


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