Port Macquarie to Byron Bay.

We started our holiday driving to Port Macquarie for 1 night before reaching our holiday destination Byron Bay. It was a long drive but well worth the drive. Below are a few photo’s from Port. We were lucky to see some whales while sight seeing in Port. 1st stop was the beach and the skate park where there were some talented kids out there.

C93A8590 C93A8594 C93A8596 C93A8606 C93A8608 C93A8621 C93A8627 C93A8630 C93A8652 C93A8718 C93A8757 C93A8763 C93A8713 C93A8771 C93A8773 C93A8776 C93A8790

































































We drove to the lighthouse and were lucky to see some whale peacefully swimming by.

C93A8717 C93A8713 C93A8686 C93A8678 C93A8676 C93A8653 C93A8646 C93A8645
























































While walking along the waterside there were many rocks painted by tourists here a re a few

C93A8618 C93A8617 C93A8615 C93A8614


















After leaving Port for Byron it was again off to see another lighthouse and more whales, these were great as they even started jumping. Here are some more whales and other random shots. stay tuned as there will be more to come hope you enjoy




































C93A8915 C93A8914 C93A8910 C93A8903 C93A8895 C93A8894 C93A8890 C93A8882 C93A8881 C93A8871 C93A8868 C93A8864 C93A8844 C93A8843 C93A8842 C93A8841 C93A8840 C93A8839 C93A8838 C93A8835 C93A8834 C93A8832 C93A8831 C93A8830 C93A8829 C93A8828 C93A8826 C93A8825 C93A8824 C93A8823 C93A8822 C93A8821 C93A8820 C93A8819 C93A8816 C93A8814 C93A8811 C93A8806 C93A8804 C93A8792

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