This year, we decided to make the trip to the city so we could watch the ANZAC day march on George street, more importantly we went to cheer on Gordon Gibson my proud sister in laws father. Gordi served in the second World War as army intelligence, he was the leader of his unit put in charge of cracking the Japanese codes, intercepting morse code messages to help the Aussie and allied soldiers.

We got up early jumped on the train and headed in, there was many younger people proudly displaying their parents and grand parents medals. here are a couple of photos of the day.

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Every vantage point was taken by all walks of life, what else was there to do as we did not see any trouble all day.

C93A7238 C93A7239 2










The march was long but the crowd was 3 to 4 deep during the whole march, below are a few more photo’s from the day.

C93A7245 3 C93A7268 C93A7271 2 C93A7275 2 C93A7282 C93A7334 2 C93A7341 2 C93A7358 C93A7408 2 C93A7413 2 C93A7416















































Then it was the real reason, we all went to cheer on Gordi with a proud Wife, daughter family and friends. Gordi stayed compose. But you could see how much he appreciated us and all the crowd for coming out to show their appreciation for all they sacrificed both the survivors and brave young soldier that were not fortunate to come back to our shores. Even though they were not there visually on the day,they were definitely there in everyone’s thoughts and hearts. Thanks Gordi and all who survived and those who did not make it back and resting overseas.


C93A7425 2 C93A7424 2











We really enjoyed the day and was glad we could expose our son to one of the most important days in the Australian calendar. PS Gordi, Brodie still thinks you threw bombs in the war.

C93A7429 C93A7440 2 C93A7444 2 C93A7531 2 C93A7475 C93A7469 2 C93A7459 2 C93A7456 C93A7532 2 C93A7534 C93A7535 2 C93A7552 2 C93A7562 C93A7607 2 C93A7590 2 C93A7588 C93A7574 2 C93A7570 2




































































This was a moving experience but was happy to cheer on Gordi and all the people in the march from the people who still sacrifice their life for us today in the past and future the bands to the returned veterans to all the fathers, sons, grand sons and great grand sons who proudly marched. Thanks Katie Sue and Chris for allowing us to share their important day all 3 of us enjoyed it. Emilie maybe a bit to much with those men in uniform MMMMMMM.





2 responses to “ANZAC DAY 2013

    • Thanks Dan, beauty of photography you push yourself to get out there. I really enjoyed this one

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