Johnny Warren Memorial Soccer Cup 2013

This weekend was the annual Johnny Warren Memorial cup over 35′ at Jamberoo, Johnny Warren was an ambassador for growing australian soccer guiding the Australian soccer into the world cup. This was our first year as last year the tournament was cancelled due to pouring rain. Arriving Friday evening camp was set and a bit of a relax before the first game.

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Being unsuccessful in our opening 2 matches of Friday night we came out on Saturday morning to play last years winners. Team Impact played well and learned alot.

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After our final game we sat around and watched some high quality soccer, it was hard to try and contain Greenie once he saw Craig Foster or Fozzy as Greenie was calling him, who was also playing in this tournament which the Brazilian team. these guys really know how to turn it on and the skill level making it look easy. There were some other great matches we got to watch as well.C93A5803 C93A5806 C93A5811 C93A5814 C93A5818

C93A5642 C93A5652 C93A5764 C93A5767 C93A5768 C93A5780 C93A5789 C93A5795

The day was hot and we were thirsty and luckily for the ladies shirts were optional and with a few beers a skateboard and appropriate headwear to keep the sun off our faces.

C93A5813 C93A5799 C93A5800 C93A5781 C93A5756 C93A5762 C93A5754 C93A5750 C93A5748

Sorry I forgot to mention that SBS were called to film the new up and coming team IMPACT he did walk passed to set up for the next game.

Anyway had a great time with some great mate a few beers and many laugh’s. Thanks for a great weekend boys and to all those who put on such a great weekend in memory of a great man “Johnny Warren” cant wait for next year where impact will do alot better.

Till next time

4 responses to “Johnny Warren Memorial Soccer Cup 2013

  1. Well done mate looks great love the shots of gers and your mate fossy. I wish I could read spanish good shot of the tattoo

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