Australia Day at Menai 2013

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We packed up the Car and headed down to Menai Park to enjoy the Australia Day Festivities, it was and over cast day with the sun making guest appearances.

Our first stop was the face painting tent where you can not get any more Aussie than the flag on your forehead

We did not get to far when Brodie heard a motorbike, everything has to stop when we hear or see a motorbike. We saw this bloke leaning on one of the bikes and asked if we could have a ride, they had a Trike so the 3 of us decided to go for a ride with one extremely excited 5 year old. He was so small with the helmet but nothing was going to stop him having a ride, I will admit Mum and Dad really enjoyed themselves as well

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After we returned out came the chipmunks to give all the kids a performance for the recent movie Chipwrecked

The emergency services were there to help make the day an enjoyable and safe day with the Fire Brigade, police St Johns Ambulance and SES volunteers.

Some kids were happy to see the police, they do always get a bad wrap but this photo of a lost little girl had 5 concerned police helping to look for her Mum which was eventually found. Brodie really wanted to have a photo with the policeman but though it would cost him 1 ride ticket, but no mate that was for free. These stories never see the media which is a shame thank guys for your time.

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It was a very hot day and even the SES had to take a break.

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The Fire department was a popular choice and the line was long so and did not get a chance to sit in the truck this year

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C93A5159 2

Not sure why these guys were here maybe because we were very close to Lucas Heights, definitely  not glowing

There was plenty other entertainment, the Sals Kings and even ABBA Made a comeback and finished with Nathan Foley formerly from High 5 did a great job, not that we could see anything when large people decide to sit on deck chairs while everyone else is sitting on blankets well before they arrive not everyone has manners.

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There was also some impressive Tae Kwon Doe exhibition which was very impressive and athletic and breaking wooden boards

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The day bought out alot of interesting people and many tattoos and yes there was many Southern Cross tattoos and Aussie Flags

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C93A5285 2

The day bought out many people and everyone seemed to enjoy there day from the young to the old

C93A5272 2 C93A5234 2 C93A5283 2 C93A5282 2 C93A5290 2

Of cause there was the 2 things that bring an Australia day yes Beer and Fairy Floss

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C93A5145 2

We finished off with a quick ride on the slide before the sun dropped for the final time

C93A5181 2

Once the sun disappeared be hind the horizon out came the glow sticks and all the kids had fun with them

C93A5320 2

C93A5314 2

Then to finish off the day the firework started and capped a wonderful Astraya Day. May venture into the city next yeah.

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Till next time Happy Australia day

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