Wedding of Tony and Jacqui


C93A4258 2


I was very proud when Jacqui and Tony asked me to take the pre wedding photo’s as well as later on at the reception. The Day started early the the girls getting there hair and make up done, it was a warm day so the air con was working overtime.

C93A4742 2



It was amazing watching the transition from before the hair and make up started to the final master piece. Us men doe have it very easy on the day of the wedding



C93A4790 2C93A4802 2


Cant believe it take 3 helpers to get a wedding dress on





C93A4589 2





C93A4759 2








It was then the bridesmaids turn. Then it was time for a few happy snaps before we went to the ceremony
IMG_2887_2 2

A mother never stops being a mum even on her daughters wedding day mmmm do you thing she is proud





IMG_2878 2

IMG_2870 2


IMG_2923_2 2


IMG_2929 2










IMG_2930_2 2

IMG_2902_2 2

Then it was time to leave for the church in a mad panic hoping Jacq would not fall while running down the driveway.

C93A4822 2




C93A4832 2








Once all the formalities were completed and a family photos taken it was then time to go to the reception at Summer Salt restaurant in Cronulla. The reception was set beautifully and we all waited on the newlyweds to arrive.

C93A5084 2


Dad did a great job on the wishing well for Tony and JacquiC93A4846 2


Brodie fund himself a girlfriend and I also had some competition taking photo’s

C93A4886 2C93A4877 2









C93A4878 2


The cake was cut and the speeches done and the cutting of the cake was done





































C93A4969 2









C93A4908 2

C93A4978 2








C93A5097 2

Sorry had to throw in the above right photo of my beautiful wife and son Brodie. We all had a great night and many a laugh. It was made a fantastic night by the bride and groom who looked so much in love and could not wipe the smiles of there faces and that was infectious.

Welcome to the both of you and Giusep to our family mate you are definitely accepted with open arms. Jacqui could not do any better than have you be her side and in her heart.

C93A5098 2

C93A5103 2

Thanks to the staff and MC at Summer Salt who made the night a great one


Had a great night Tony and Jacqui



Till next time


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